Watch a young moose hang out on a lawn in Winterport

Jun. 30—Wildlife enthusiasts often travel a considerable distance, and may even procure the services of a guide, to get a look at a Maine moose.

Laura George of the Bangor Daily News didn't even have to go to any such lengths to catch a glimpse of the state's largest game animal — or at least an immature version of one.

"A friend and I were coming home from Belfast. We were on the main road in Winterport and the moose ran across the road, so we pulled over for me to video and take pictures," George said of their sighting.

Clearly, the moose must have been doing what all of us have been doing the last few days — looking for a respite from the recent heat and humidity that have enveloped the state.

The animal just doesn't seem to have a great sense of direction.

The moose doesn't appear to realize that just down over the bank are the cool, flowing waters of the Penobscot River. That said, perhaps a more pressing concern was getting safely across Route 15 onto the grass and out of harm's way.

Lee Kantar, the moose biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, said the animal pictured is a young cow moose.

"Very nice coat, full summer coat — no residual damage from winter tick (which we see on most moose!)," Kantar said in an email. "She is on the skinny side, but might be more a factor of youth."

Here's to hoping the moose can avoid speeding vehicles and winter ticks long enough to become a healthy, thriving adult cow.

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