Watch This Woman Smoke Marijuana to Become a Better Mom

On first glance, Jacqueline Patterson looks just like any other pretty, young mom.

Though no one can take her looks from her, when she speaks, her face contorts wildly and her voice catches and halts, revealing her painful struggle with cerebral palsy.

Each word uttered looks like she's in a tense fight with her own body. 

Watch the video to understand how profoundly the illness affects her daily life—and keep on watching for the revelation that one thing makes her life better every day: marijuana. 

"It really helps my speech. I feel much calmer. Much less rushed, and I feel like I can control the muscles that I couldn't control before I smoked," says Patterson after puffing on a pipe. The words come out smoothly, without pauses or the unexpected crescendos that are symptoms of her illness.

She also says she doesn't make "as many funny faces" after she tokes. 

But for her, smoking pot isn't a vanity issue. It's a mom thing.

"I smoke to be the mother my children deserve because they're really cool kids," says Patterson.

That's why she moved to California, where it's legal to use pot for medical need, after this footage was shot for the documentary In Pot We Trust

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