Watch: Witness describes shooting scene as police confront suspect in Oxford County

May 6—PARIS — On her way to notarize some documents, Bridgton resident Linda Marie Mercer found herself trapped behind stopped police vehicles beside a truck that had run into a ditch along side Streaked Mountain Road.

Mercer said that as she watched the scene in front of her, a man dressed in a hospital gown came out of the truck and opened fire on police on the roadway in front of her.

She said officers immediately shot back.

"I thought 'Well, he's done,'" Mercer said.

But he wasn't.

The unidentified man, who had apparently been chased through Oxford County before winding up in the ditch, must have "hunkered down" in the ditch, she said, because as soon as police stopped shooting, he stood up and ran.

She said he was in handcuffs and holding a gun.

Mercer said he leaped into what looked like a police vehicle on the road ahead of her and took off.

Oxford County Sheriff Christopher Wainwright said the suspect has been taken into custody following an officer involved shooting and there is no current threat to the public.

Many roads in the South Paris have been closed off. Mercer, who managed to depart from the scene and head on to her appointment, said police vehicles are still converging the area.

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