WATCH: Train derails outside Baltimore, erupts in enormous fireball

Jon Terbush
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News Assignment Manager Charlie Bragale at WRC-TV/NBC4 posted this photo of the burning freight train derailment. 

Amateur footage of the explosion has spread through social media

A cargo train derailed Tuesday in a Baltimore suburb after colliding with a tractor-trailer, resulting in a huge explosion that shook buildings and shut down a nearby highway.

Authorities said the train struck the tractor-trailer around 2 pm, flipping several cars off the tracks. The severity and extent of injuries related to the accident were not immediately clear, though officials said the derailment took place in a sparsely populated industrial area. The two passengers aboard the train were reportedly uninjured, and the truck driver was said to be in serious but stable condition.

Baltimore police urged anyone in the area to consider evacuating as a precaution.

Warehouses and businesses in the area of Rt 40 -- if you can see the smoke plume, emergency mgmt advises you to evacuate.

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— BACO Public Safety (@BACOPoliceFire) May 28, 2013

The warning came as amateur videos appearing to show the huge explosion and resulting inferno began to trickle out (WARNING: Video contains some coarse language):

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Twitter users have posted incredible images of the wrecked train engulfed in flames.

PHOTO: Fire burning after freight train derailment in Baltimore County, MD…

— NBC Nightly News (@nbcnightlynews) May 28, 2013

@ cbsbaltimore train derailed in front of my office in rosedale.…

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— KRL224 (@KRL224) May 28, 2013

Screen shot of train derailment as seen from WBAL chopper. Note the damage to the building on the right.…

— Andy Carvin (@acarvin) May 28, 2013

Baltimore's fire chief said 15 cars had jumped the tracks. He added that emergency responders were containing the blaze and letting the fire burn itself out until they can determine what the train was carrying.

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