Watch: South Carolina baseball’s Mark Kingston ejected in Sunday game vs. Auburn

South Carolina baseball coach Mark Kingston was ejected from Sunday’s Game 3 against Auburn for arguing a check-swing call.

With two men on and two outs in the third inning, the third-base umpire Jason Bradley ruled that USC veteran Caleb Denny went around on a 3-2 pitch, prompting Kingston to leave the dugout and immediately argue. Kingston made a “0” shape with his hands, perhaps contending that Auburn pitcher Parker Carlson didn’t release his pitch before the pitch clock counted down to zero — an automatic ball.

USC baseball radio announcer Derek Scott surmised that Kingston’s ire was related to the pitch clock, posting to Twitter that “@CoachKingUSC was upset because a pitch clock violation wasn’t called before the pitch was released. Would’ve been ball 4 & loaded the bases. Umpires missed the call & then ejected him for arguing balls & strikes, which he wasn’t doing.”

Because Kingston was ejected from a game earlier in the season — in USC’s series at Mississippi State in March — the coach will be suspended for one game, per SEC rules. That means the Gamecocks will be without Kingston in their next scheduled game against at Winthrop on Wednesday.

The Gamecocks were trailing 5-2 at the time of Kingston’s ejection and are trying to avoid their first sweep of the season against the visiting Tigers.