Watch as a son makes his mom and stepfather cry the happiest tears

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In a holiday week that traditionally celebrates family and togetherness, it was particularly gut-wrenching to hear the news of the senseless tragedy that occurred in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. It made us all the more thankful for those who bring good to the world.

After a decade of trying, this woman finally became a mom at 50

When Susie Troxler, 50, and her husband Tony, 61, recently welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Lily, it was the happy ending to a 10-year story that included surgery for fibroids, egg retrieval and artificial insemination, and, finally, two embryo transfer attempts using donor eggs.

It was their very last viable embryo transfer that resulted in baby Lily.

Baby Lily Troxler on her mom's chest (Courtesy Susie Troxler)
Baby Lily Troxler on her mom's chest (Courtesy Susie Troxler)

Now that is a face to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

A donor thanked audience members for coming back to theater

In a celebration of Broadway's return to the stage after the COVID-19 shutdown and to thank audience members for coming back, an anonymous donor — later revealed to be Ally Bank as part of its #totallycovered campaign — gave everyone at a recent matinee showing of "Come From Away" a $200 gift card to cover their trip to the show.

@joshuadavisf This mine and @joeytherice’s first time seeing the show and needless to say we were SCALPED #ComefromAway #broadway #payitforward ♬ original sound - Joshua Davis Farner

"We are so excited about this 'pay it forward' moment," said a cast member as he revealed the gift to the audience at the Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City on Nov. 20. "As you are about to see, 'Come From Away' is all about paying kindness forward and coming together to lift up everyone and anyone with kindness and love who have come from away."

This dad has fed others Thanksgiving dinner for 44 years

Bronx born and bred resident Marty Rogers has earned his community nicknames, "Mayor Marty" and "Saint Marty." For the past 44 years, he has helped host a Thanksgiving dinner at a local church,first for senior citizens and later including people experiencing homelessness.

Rogers also leads volunteers at a food delivery service for the homeless year-round. His two children, now grown, grew up volunteering with him.

"I would describe my father as someone who truly embodies the spirit of giving, in every aspect, and just knows the importance of community, of treating people with dignity and respect," said Rogers's daughter, Maria.

Watch this little girl pour herself some juice and try not to laugh

How can you watch this little girl so expertly pour her white grape juice EVERYWHERE and not smile? It's impossible.

Thanks, Sailor. We needed that.

Reuniting with her English teacher leaves Adele in tears

Usually, it's Adele making other people cry. But the "Easy on Me" singer, who released her new album, "30," on Nov. 19, recently had a moment of her own while filming a UK concert special, "An Audience with Adele."

After actor Emma Thompson asked Adele who had supported, inspired, or protected her in childhood, Adele's answer — her former English teacher, Miss McDonald — emerged from the audience and surprised her.

A shocked Adele could not contain her emotions. "Thank you for remembering me," McDonald sweetly told her former student.

"No, you really did change my life," Adele said before hilariously turning to the audience and saying, "Mum, can you believe it?"

This stepdad just leveled up to 'Granddad' ... and more

We have seen (and loved) several videos of new grandfathers receiving the emotional and meaningful news that their newborn grandchildren bear their names. Somehow, watching a stepdad receive the same news is even more moving.

@heathermm06 Here is the video without music. My oldest son is telling us that our first grandson has his step dad's name Richard for his middle name. #stepdads ♬ original sound - Heather

TikTok user @heathermm06 posted the video and explained, "My oldest son is telling us that our first grandson has his stepdad's name Richard for his middle name."

"As a stepdad, this is powerful," wrote one commenter. "You know you got the good one."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Hold your people close.

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