Watch Rudy Giuliani Look Like A Dummy While Defending Fox News

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Rudy Giuliani in front of a microphone with a fireplace in the background.
Rudy Giuliani in front of a microphone with a fireplace in the background.

America’s Mayor has become America’s joke.

Rudy Giuliani made a splash on social media on November 22 when he posted a bizarre video defending Fox News — you know, because those underdogs need the help — that made it look like his head was on fire.

In the video he posted on the eve of Thanksgiving, Giuliani sat in front of a TV screen with Yule Log-style footage playing at an angle that showed the flames from the fire licking the top of his bald head.

Is a flaming head better than one dripping with black hair dye?

In the bizarre video, the conservative attorney-turned-podcaster was defending Fox News against claims that they shouldn’t have called the car explosion in Niagara Falls at the Rainbow Bridge checkpoint a terrorist attack.

Authorities determined that the car crash that killed the two occupants was due to a mechanical failure and not an act of terrorism, the New York Times reported. But this didn’t stop Fox News from blaming it on a terrorist. And, of course, Giuliani felt he had to step in, claiming in his video that Fox News was right to jump to the conclusion that the car crash was the fault of terrorists on the off chance it was, in fact, a terrorist attack. Or something? His logic here is sketchy at best.

And to top it all off, the flames look like devil horns atop his dome, which seems fitting.

Political commentator Ron Filipkowski reposted the video on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting Giuliani’s defense of the right-wing “news” channel. “Rudy says it’s a good thing that Fox lied and said the car crash near the border was a terrorist loaded with explosives, because you can never be too careful,” he quipped in his post.

Followers were quick to take to Filipkowski’s comment section to start dunking on Giuliani’s ridiculous attempt to stick up for Fox News’ right to spout fear-mongering nonsense.

Keep scrolling to see the funniest reactions to the video.