Watch Rob Lowe and son John Owen Lowe poke fun at their relationship while discussing their new show

Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe are having a blast promoting their new Netflix comedy "Unstable" — even if the fun often comes at each other's expense.

The father-son duo appear in a hilarious new promo video about the comedy, which premieres March 30. The series centers around the relationship between Ellis Dragon, a successful biotech entrepreneur who’s as eccentric as he is emotionally needy, and his estranged son, the infinitely more stable Jackson Dragon, who has no patience for his dad’s self-absorption.

When the board of Ellis Dragon's company begins worrying about his mental health, Jackson Dragon is tapped to come save the day.

The short clip finds the younger Lowe teasing his dad.

"I spent a good deal of my youth keeping him humble. It was a significantly large task," John Owen Lowe deadpans.

Addressing the former "West Wing" star directly, he continues, “I feel like your ego, unchecked —"

“— is a colossus!” his dad interjects.

“— would be really, honestly, dangerous,” the younger Lowe concludes.

What is Ellis Dragon like? Rob Lowe describes his character as “acclaimed” as his son simultaneously blurts out “frustrating.”

“Beloved,” Rob Lowe continues, while his son suggests “narcissist.”

As the promo gives viewers glimpses of the upcoming series, John Owen Lowe tries to sum up the show’s premise.

“It’s about a father-son dynamic that’s very relatable but under a really specific lens, which is a father who loves being the center of attention and his son, who feels the exact opposite,” he explains as his dad makes a surprised face.

The promo ends with both Lowe men agreeing that co-creating and acting together on “Unstable” has proven to be a challenge. “Working with Johnny’s painful,” Rob Lowe says matter-of-factly.

“There’s not a whole of acting,” his son clarifies, adding, “Your hair’s a little different.”

“That’s the acting,” his dad shoots back.

“And we say ‘I love you’ a lot on the show,” adds John Owen Lowe.

That’s acting,” his dad responds.

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