Watch Phil Kessel’s grandma chug booze from Stanley Cup (Video)

Via @karikessel
Via @karikessel

Via @karikessel

Phil Kessel winning the Stanley Cup is glorious for so many reasons. One of the primary ones, of course, is that he was able to take his time with the Stanley Cup and make the most of it.

Last Sunday, Kessel had the Cup in Madison, Wisconsin. He took it to a children’s hospital. And then he partied with friends and family, which meant a chance to drink from the Cup, as his sister Amanda Kessel of the NWHL’s New York Riveters did.

But she wasn’t the only one.

Grandma Kessel, get over here!

Yes, Grandma Kessel took her turn downing some champagne from the Cup, in a video captured by Phil’s aunt on Instagram. At least she said it was champagne – check out that recycler’s dream of empty bottles on that luscious lawn.

The best thing about this clip: Grandma Kessel’s emphatic “TA-DA!” movement with her arms after the chug. We might steal that.

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