Watch Parents Play Awkward ‘Truth or Drink’ Game With Adult Kids


Watch Parents Play Awkward ‘Truth or Drink’ Game With Adult Kids

Think awkward sex-related conversations between parents and kids end when a child reaches adulthood? Then you haven’t seen this cringe-inducing (and totally hilarious) YouTube video called “Truth or Drink (Parents & Kids)” by Cut

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“Truth or Drink” is an over-21 take on the classic question game Truth or Dare. The latest episode in the series, which by Friday had racked up nearly 900,000 views, has adult children and their parents giving each other the option of downing a shot … or answering some seriously frank questions about their sexual past and present. For example: How old a child was when he lost his virginity, if a mom ever had a threesome, a dad’s favorite position — no topic was off-limits for these prying family members.

The five-minute clip perfectly captures the uncomfortable moments between parents and kids when it comes to sex—and the embarrassment that ensues when a question is asked (and then answered with unflinching honesty). As entertainment, it’s spot-on. As an example of how parents and their adult offspring can approach personal sex topics? Not so much.

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“As funny as the video is, parents and kids shouldn’t be asking each other these kinds of questions because they’re nobody’s business,” Fran Walfish, Psy.D., Beverly Hills psychotherapist and author of The Self-Aware Parent, tells Yahoo Parenting. Seeking advice on birth control or how to handle a tricky sex issue is one thing. But even though everyone in the video is over 21, the questions cross the boundaries of personal privacy, says Walfish.

So if you always wanted to know when your son lost his virginity, or you’re wondering if your dad and mom have oral sex, watch the video participants ask away…but it’s probably not a good idea to broach these questions at your next family gathering.

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