WATCH: North Korean propaganda video uses Edward Snowden to attack U.S.

Jon Terbush
The Week

The NSA leaks highlight South Korea's "servile" relationship with America, the video claims

Edward Snowden: Infamous National Security Agency leak source. Man on the run. And now, a propaganda video star.

A North Korean propaganda site has posted a video that uses Snowden and the details he leaked about the American government's controversial spying programs to bash the U.S. and South Korea's close relationship. The three-minute video, posted to Uriminzokkiri, a state-run propaganda site based in China, accuses the South Koreans of having a "puppet government" and of supporting the American "plunder wiretap" program, according to a translation from

"The funny thing is that South Korea is taking sides with its master by rationalizing the idea that any country's intelligence agencies can collect clandestine information for its own national security," a narrator in the video says. "Regardless of whether or not the story can be confirmed, South Korea has to consider the United State’s situation, they say."

"How humiliating and servile!" the narrator adds.

North Korea is just the latest authoritarian state to embrace Snowden, who leaked sensitive U.S. national security information in a bid to roll back the U.S.'s spying program.

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