WATCH: ‘Midnight, Texas’ Season 1, Episode 7 Sneak Peek

A mysterious woman is looking for Joe (Jason Lewis) in a sneak peek from Season 1, episode 7 of NBC’s “Midnight, Texas.”

The woman (Breeda Wool) enters the church and tells the Rev (Yul Vazquez) that she’s searching for a blonde man named Joseph. “I think he’s hiding here in Midnight,” she says.

The Rev feels that the woman is bad news, so he refuses to tell her anything. Surprised by the Rev’s response, the lady says, “Once a man of the cloth realizes who I am, they cooperate without much fuss.”

Threatened by the woman’s pushy behavior, the Rev throws a wooden podium to her. The podium is destroyed but the unwelcome visitor doesn’t even get a scratch.

The woman then pushes the Rev against the wall and seemingly reads his mind using some sort of light emanating from her hands. Although she doesn’t get the information she needs, the woman finds out that the Rev is not human. “I was wrong about you. You’re not a man of the cloth, not human, not animal. You’re nothing,” the woman tells the Rev, before hurling him against the window.

A female angel named Bowie (Breeda Wool) is hunting down Joe (Jason Lewis) in a sneak peek from Season 1, episode 7 of “Midnight, Texas.” Photo: NBC/Karen Kuehn

Manfred (François Arnaud) sees the woman walking her way out of the church. He also notices that the lady is checking out Joe and Chuy’s (Bernardo Saracino) tattoo and nail salon, so the psychic gives Joe a ring and warns him.

Joe peeks into the window of their shop and identifies the woman. “It’s Bowie,” Joe tells his husband Chuy. “We’re screwed. She’s ancient, way more powerful than I am.”

Chuy tries to calm Joe down, saying, “You don’t think I come here without a plan, do you?”

According to the synopsis for the episode, Bowie is a bounty hunter tasked to come after Joe and punish him for leaving the angelic fold.

TVLine reported last month that Bowie hunts Joe down to find out why he’s decided to abandon their demon-hunting cause. According to the news outlet, Bowie “takes her vows to hunt demons very seriously” but cares less about mortal humans.

“Midnight, Texas” Season 1, episode 7, titled “Angel Heart,” airs on Monday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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