Watch Martha and Snoop's New Commercial—Plus, Get Their Best Super Bowl Hosting Tips

It's no surprise that everything Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg collaborate on is simply "better together." And now the iconic duo—and that tagline—is making its way to your television. Our founder and the hip-hop star teamed up with Tostitos to promote the brand's new strips and avocado salsa in a new commercial airing in the days leading up to Super Bowl LIV.

"The strips are crunchy, they're generous in size, they hold the salsa really well, and they're the perfect vehicle to carry the salsa that's creamy and rich and tasty and spicy—just spicy enough—into your mouth," Martha told People.

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Martha told Uproxx that she ate at least a jar of the avocado salsa while filming the commercial with Snoop. "I find avocados to be extremely delicious. And I love guacamole, and I eat it with flour tortillas, but I've never made a salsa with it, so this is a very good introduction to avocado salsa. It's unexpected, and it's really good with the Tostitos chips," she says.

Martha, who is traveling to Miami for the big game for the 20th year in a row, is looking forward to the weekend. "The weather's going to be great and the parties are going to be fabulous," she told PureWow.

Of course, Martha had to offer just a little bit of advice when it comes to hosting the perfect Super Bowl party. She told PureWow that hosts should have "a really good signature drink and a lot of good savory foods, finger foods primarily, and little plates that people can take back to the couch to watch the game." Snoop recommends having "a big TV so that everyone can enjoy the game, futons, and bean bag chairs."