Watch This Mama Bear Rescue Her Cubs From a Waterfall

To really see where “stand your ground” meets the right to bear arms, just drop in on Alaska’s Katmai National Park, where ursine mamas defend their cubs. 

On July 17, a National Park Service-run live web stream in the Katmai Park caught an Alaskan Brown Bear mom on camera going after another bear that threatened her three cubs.

Alaskan Brown Bears are a larger, coastal variation of the inland grizzly, according to the National Park Service.

The eight live-streaming cameras on the park grounds feature brown bear and wild salmon watering hole Brooks Falls, where typically solitary brown bears hang out in dense numbers to feed and fatten up for winter. In 1975, the Endangered Species Act listed the brown bear as a threatened species—but only in the lower 48 states.

Macho male Alaskan Brown Bears frequently battle it out over territory and food, states National Geographic. Clearly, their child-rearing lady friends can also be pretty unbearable when it comes to protecting their young.

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