WATCH LIVE: Two explosions at the Boston Marathon reportedly leave dozens injured

Chris Gayomali
The Week
Police descend on the Boston Marathon finish line

Graphic images from the scene began appearing on social media sites in the early afternoon Monday

Warning: Potentially graphic content

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Two consecutive explosions rocked competitors and bystanders near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, reportedly leaving dozens injured. The explosions apparently occurred in Boylston Street near the stands, shattering the windows of nearby buildings.

Update 1: ABC News reports that Boston police are warning people to avoid trashcans. Massachusetts General hospital has received four patients and is expecting more.

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Update 2: Follow along with live tweets, updates, and pictures from the ground here.

Update 3: We are apparently experiencing trouble with a few of the livestreams. NBC News' appears to be steady. Watch it here.

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