Watch this Kansas preschooler with a ‘case of the Mondays’: ‘We all feel like him’

Andover Public Schools Facebook
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One Kansas preschooler was sick and tired of the week, and it was only Monday. Even worse, his mother caught his exasperation on video.

The Andover Public Schools student was seen expressing his true feelings about Mondays, a video posted to the district’s Facebook page on Feb. 28 showed.

The video shows 4-year-old Landry making his way to catch the bus with his backpack in tow bright and early Monday morning.

When he is nearly at the bus Landry pauses, and slumps over in defeat while still maintaining his balance.

Then you can see the young boy truly give up — he falls backwards, legs splayed out on the concrete in what appears to be a very relaxing pose.

However, the bus assistant didn’t seem to think Landry was just relaxing. She rushed off the bus to help Landry, who was already making his way to a standing position. He was clearly coming to terms with the reality of the situation.

Both Landry and the bus assistant boarded the bus without incident after Landry accepted his fate, and headed to Prairie Creek preschool, according to the Facebook post.

Landry’s mom shared the video captured by a nearby camera to thank the bus assistant for her help.

“Please tell the bus assistant for the Prairie Creek preschool run thank you for being so patient with my 4-year-old who had a severe case of the Mondays today,” his mom wrote. “I think we all feel like him on Mondays.”

Facebook users empathized with Landry’s struggle.

“Me before I clock in,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

“I feel your pain buddy,” wrote another user. “That’s how I felt this morning also.”

Andover is a suburb of Wichita.

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