Watch this idiot steal Google Glass and then go to a rave without realizing he’s being recorded the whole time

Brad Reed

If there’s one thing we love writing about, it’s moronic criminals. The latest brain-dead felon comes to us courtesy of Business Insider, which brings us the story of a tourist named Mike Geller (no relation to our own Boy Genius) who decided to bring Google Glass with him during his trip to New York, only to have it stolen by a man who asked to try it on and then ran off with it the minute he got it in his hands.

Unfortunately for the thief in question, however, Geller was still able to record everything he did throughout the day by using a third-party Glass app called LiveLens. Geller has now posted a video compilation of everything the thief did after he swiped the headset and it seems that his day mostly involved chugging beer and going to a rave.

The full video follows below — the robbery occurs at the two-minute mark and the thief’s drinking and raving follows shortly after.

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