WATCH: Happy 7th birthday, Twitter!

Chris Gayomali
The Week

On March 21, 2006, a little-known service called "twttr" made its debut. They grow up so fast...

Back in 2000, a young Jack Dorsey sketched out his vision for a more "live" version of LiveJournal — a service that provided real-time information on the go. He imagined an AIM status update you could change anytime you wanted as long as you had a cellphone. He called the service ""

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In 2006, a year before the first iPhone came out, the service finally made its debut. As long as you didn't go over 140 SMS characters, you could tell your friends nearly anything you wanted. The new microblogging platform was christened "twttr."

just setting up my twttr

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— Jack Dorsey (@jack) March 21, 2006

Today, March 21, marks Twitter's 7th birthday. Now, 400 million tweets are sent every day, hashtags are on Coke cans, and the service has emerged as the premiere global square for writing and consuming information. To celebrate, we recommend downloading your Twitter archive and squirming as you read your first few tweets. And make sure to watch Twitter's birthday video above.

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