Watch out for geese when you golf! Was a Myrtle Beach golfer attacked by a goose?

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Is this real? Did it happen in Myrtle Beach?

A Facebook user posted photos of a golfer allegedly in Myrtle Beach getting attacked by a goose April 18, 2024. The photos sparked a viral reaction from users, shared less than 2,000 times and many took to the comments section to tell about their own brushes with the loud, obnoxious birds or their best avian-related puns.

However, the photos from the post are not from Myrtle Beach and not from 2024. The photos are from a 2018 high school golf tournament in Michigan, according to a Michigan TV station. USA Today has a video of the photo from 2018.

Geese are an annoying part of a round of golf most players have to deal with when playing a course. Few golfers expect to be attacked by one while walking to their next shot, though.

However, geese are also territorial birds, according to Varment Guard. Varment Guard added that geese become aggressive when people get too close to nests and or babies.

Despite the dust-up, South Carolina is the focus of the PGA Tour. The RBC Heritage tournament, a PGA Signature event, is taking place at the Harbor Town Golf Links. The tournament is scheduled to conclude April 21, 2024. Myrtle Beach will soon follow with its first-ever PGA Tournament starting May 9, 2024, as the Myrtle Beach Classic tees off at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club.