Watch: Couple's completely empty flight is the stuff of travel dreams

Travelling by private jet is the stuff of dreams (or millionaires), but one backpacking couple were lucky enough to experience the next best thing - having an entire plane to themselves.

UK couple Carrie Fisher and Kyle McNicol, both 28, were stoked to discover they'd be flying solo on their Firefly trip from Krabi, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia on Sep. 2. 

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"On arrival at Krabi airport we made our way to the check-in desk and handed over our passports, we were shocked to hear, 'Oh very special flight for you today'," according to Fisher's blog post.

"But didn't think anything of it until we reached customs and the two guys checking our passports started laughing and saying, 'Oh, just you two'. Turns out that we were about to board the flight and fly solo! We were escorted by a lovely lady to our own bus, which in turn took us to our private plane."

The couple flew on a small plane "with the propellers outside," which is likely the 72-seat ATR 72 that Firefly operates. The couple got a brief security run from the attendant, and then were allowed to choose whatever seats they liked.

Alas, it was only a short flight to Penang, lasting an hour and ten minutes. The couple killed time by hopping between different seats and McNicol did the "slug" dance move down the empty aisle. One could only dream.

Fisher said when they stepped off the plane, the ground staff started laughing at them and asked about their flight. And even though there was no one else on board, they still had to wait for their luggage at the baggage carousel like normal people.

"Feeling like VIPs, I was shocked that someone didn’t collect our two lonely bags off the carousel for us," Fisher wrote.

A photo posted by Kyle McNicol (@88_kmc_88) on Sep 2, 2016 at 1:42am PDT

Like the feeling of flying economy after a stint in business class, you'd expect the couple to be less than thrilled at the prospect of sharing a regular flight again. But that's not quite the case. 

"To be honest, I'm looking forward to a normal plane... things have been crazy since we first shared the video," Fisher told Mashable via Twitter from Malaysia's Cameron Highlands district.

Good luck trying to do "the slug" on a regular packed flight though.