Watch 900 ATVs and Motorcycles Bulldozed as NYC Mayor Waves Checkered Flag

Photo credit: New York City Office of the Mayor
Photo credit: New York City Office of the Mayor
  • New York City's mayor waved the checkered flag on Tuesday to end the lives of 900 illegal motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes in a video shared by Reuters on Twitter.

  • The illegal motorcycles were destroyed by means of having a bulldozer smash them to bits. The reason: they were not legal to use on city streets.

  • The NYPD has seized over 2000 such illegal vehicles this year.

In this video that turns out to be just as odd as its title, New York City Mayor Eric Adams waved a checkered flag, prompting a waiting Department of Sanitation driver to hit the gas on his bulldozer and bring doom on a pile of ATVs and motorcycles.

A line of roughly 30 motorcycles and dirt bikes stand waiting while the bulldozer charges ahead to crush them. The video clip shows that the driver gets about halfway through the line before needing to reverse and unstick a pesky motorcycle before charging back down to finish the job.

Seizure of illegal dirt bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles has risen in New York this year as part of a public safety push by the mayor, who assumed office on January 1, 2022. According to a statement by New York Police Department Commissioner Keechant Sewell, "Since January the NYPD has seized over 2000 of these vehicles citywide. As the mayor said, that's nearly over 80 percent more than we took by this time last year."

The mayor said the city chose to destroy the dirt bikes rather than sell or donate them because it keeps them off the street permanently. In his press conference, the mayor stated that many of the bikes don't have insurance and said he is pushing for ATV dealers to request proof of insurance and registration documents before selling the vehicles.

"It's reckless and it's illegal. It puts everyone at risk. Other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and not to mention the bike riders themselves," said Sewell. Message received, commissioner. Message received.

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