Washington State Patrol responds to 5-car wrong-way crash in Milton

The Washington State Patrol responded to a five-car wrong-way crash in Milton on Saturday.

One car was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes one and two of State Route 161 north of 28th Street. A second car was traveling southbound on SR 161 in lane one of two. A third, fourth, and fifth car were parked in a parking lot, said the WSP in a news release.

The first car hit the second car and then drove off the road to the west and hit a fence. The first car kept going and hit the third and fourth cars and a building. The fifth car was covered by debris from the building.

The first car ended up upside down inside the building. The second car ended up in a ditch on the right shoulder of the southbound lanes. The third, fourth, and fifth cars stopped in the parking lot.

The 23-year-old man driving the first car was taken to Harborview Medical Center and will be charged with reckless driving, said the WSP. The 35-year-old man driving the second car was treated for injuries at the scene.