Washington Post Apologizes for Racist Hamas Cartoon That Shouldn't Have Been Published in the First Place

Photo: Oliver Contreras (Getty Images)
Photo: Oliver Contreras (Getty Images)

On Wednesday, The Washington Post finally removed a racist editorial cartoon that showed a Hamas leader using civilians as human shields. It shouldn’t have been published in the first place considering how distasteful and downright inhumane it is to Palestinians.

Michael Ramirez created the cartoon, entitled “Human Shields,” depicting Palestinians with heavily exaggerated features: A man with a sizable nose and growling mouth labeled “Hamas” is bound by rope to four scared children and a woman wearing a hijab.

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Shipley’s statement also featured letters criticizing the decision to run the cartoon.

The Israel-Hamas war has now surpassed the month mark, with racist rhetoric against Palestinians running rampant. The Washington Post did the right thing by removing the cartoon and addressing the fact that it was wrong to publish it.

However, it’s alarming that this kind of racism is being amplified by such powerful and vital platforms.

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