Warning: Jan Brewer Gets Punchy When Asked About Global Warming

Connor Simpson
Warning: Jan Brewer Gets Punchy When Asked About Global Warming

Reporters, you've been warned. If you ask Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer about global warming she will curse at you and, maybe, if you're lucky, she'll take a swing at you, too. 

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A reporter for the local KTVK station in Arizona had the gall to ask Brewer if she thought global warming was real during a very short, very casual press conference about an energy conference. Brewer said something about it not being man made, which is silly, because science. The important part is what happened next. 

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Global warming is a thing we pay attention to now, after Sandy and all, so a handler tried to get her out of there before anything more could happen. But Brewer wanted to confront the reporter, who got his answer and was packing his thing, so she whacked him to get his attention. Like, with a fist. A closed first, even, so it wasn't one of those sissy pro-wrestling punches. A photographer present at the rumble told Jim Romensko all the details: 

After her answer, a handler swooped in and whisked her away, but about three paces out she turned back around to face the reporter who asked the last question. He had turned to a camera operator and seemed to be putting his microphone away. Brewer took her left hand, balled it into a fist and with the back of her hand she slugged the reporter on the back of his right arm. Not hard, but with enough force that he spun around to see what was going on. 

After hitting the reporter, Brewer asked, "where in the hell did that come from?" and the camera was still rolling, so the reporter included it in his report. Unfortunately, the punching didn't make the cut, or wasn't in the shot, so we're denied the Jan Brewer punching GIF we all deserve. But watch her be really mad and swear at him here: 

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So, there you have it: Jan Brewer punches people. And with the swearing and the punching, Dana White is calling her to join the UFC's new-fangled girl-fighting division, probably, which would be hilarious considering Arizona politicians and the UFC have a complicated history