Warmth to surge over much of Northeast; 1st 90s F in some areas

A major but brief flip in the pattern is in store for the Northeast following the frosty mornings into Friday. AccuWeather meteorologists say temperatures will rocket into the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit over much of the region, with some areas approaching 90 for the first time this year.

Factoring in that temperatures will start in the 20s and 30s over much of the Northeast on Friday morning and what is in store by Sunday afternoon and Monday, a turnaround of 40 to 60 degrees is in store. People will be trading long sleeves and jackets for shorts and short sleeves.

The pattern change will be brought on by a northward shift in the jet stream in the Eastern states as a major storm system and significant severe weather outbreak unfold over the Great Plains and Mississippi Valley.

The transition to warmer conditions will be marked by a period of clouds and showers, especially from parts of the central Appalachians and upper mid-Atlantic to New England this weekend. In many cases, the showers will be brief; some may even be limited to nighttime hours, such as in New York City.

However, in other locations, the clouds may linger into the warmup period early next week, such as the east coast of New England, including the Boston area. A moist sea breeze may keep Boston's temperatures from rising above the 60s.

Where and when the warmth breaks loose, some of the highest temperatures of the year so far are in store on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, AccuWeather Meteorologist Grady Gilman said.

Expect a new surge of spring pollen to be released.

The highest temperature thus far in Washington, D.C., was 83 degrees on April 15. AccuWeather meteorologists expect Reagan National Airport to reach that mark on Sunday then come within a few degrees of 90 on Monday and Tuesday. The record of 91 set in 2017 on Monday could be challenged. Should the temperature reach 90 during the stretch, it will be a couple of weeks ahead of the historical average of May 16. The earliest on record that temperatures have hit the 90-degree mark in the Washington, D.C., area was on March 22, 1907.

Temperatures may also come within a few degrees of 90 in Philadelphia and Baltimore early next week. Richmond, Virginia, managed to reach 90 on April 15. Much of the Northeast experienced its warmest days thus far on April 15 and 16. Temperatures may approach the season-high mark of 82 in New York's Central Park on Monday.


The surging warmth will bring a new push of growth, budding and blooming in the region that could make some areas susceptible to cold weather. With the potential for a few dips in temperature in the coming weeks, there may still be some close calls with frost in the normally colder areas of the interior and northern tier of the Northeast.

Purchasing and planting warm-season flowers and vegetables should be done with caution. It is best to consult the average historical last frost date to be ultra-safe.

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