Warm-Up Your Home Decor With Pictures

Kate Freeman
Warm-Up Your Home Decor With Pictures
Card Tree

We've all bought items for our home that just don't quite coordinate once we got them home. Photos, on the other hand, are an easy way to add some style and personalization to your space without having to worry if it matches your furniture -- aside from what frame you choose. In fact, one survey finds 9 out of 10 people think photos "are key to home decor."

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There are numerous creative ways to use these photos in your home, too. You can do more than just slap pictures in a digital album. Turn your photos into beautiful works of art, display them on chandeliers or on stickers. At a recentShutterfly open house, employees gave us some ideas and inspiration on how to use our photos to create a warm holiday home. You can use these ideas to display your favorite memories. Some don't require any skill, while others require pliers, twine, rings and materials for mounting and hanging prints.

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Now that every smartphone owner also holds at least a decent camera in their pocket, it's easier than ever to document, share and display everyday moments.

Check out the gallery below of Shutterfly projects and tell us in the comments, how do you creatively display your photos?

Card Tree

To make this holiday card tree you'll need: tree branches, a vase or bucket, holiday cards, a hole punch, scissors and sisal twine (or ribbon). 1. Arrange a selection of tree branches, such as cherry or willow, in a vase or metal bucket (purchase tree branches at a craft store, or be resourceful and gather some from your backyard) 2. Take each holiday card you receive, punch a hole at the top, and tie twine or ribbon (cut approximately 8 inches long) to the branches. 3. Arrange in your own creative way

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