Do you want salad and the police with that? Cool kebab shop owner ignores robber

(Reuters) - An Egyptian kebab shop owner in New Zealand has become an internet hit after a video of him ignoring a would-be robber and continuing to serve a customer went viral, drawing more than a quarter of a million views. Said Ahmed, owner of the Egyptian Kebab House in Christchurch, said it was simply a "lucky" reaction to ignore the masked man, who walked into his restaurant on May 28 and demanded cash while holding what appeared to be a gun. Ahmed, who has run his kebab shop for 15 years, continued to bag up an order and handed it to a customer before walking away to call the police, the video shows, leaving the attempted robber to exit empty handed. Canterbury Police released CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook last week in a bid to identify the would-be robber. The 27-second clip has since drawn 255,000 views and has been shared more than 1,000 times. Ahmed, 55, who was quickly dubbed by social media as the "chillest chip shop operator", said he was only thinking of his family and thought walking away would avoid a more serious outcome. "I'm not a hero but, you know, I controlled my reaction," he told New Zealand media. "Quite lucky because that reaction come to my head in that moment." (Reporting by Stefica Nicol Bikes; Editing by Patrick Johnston and Paul Tait)