Want to be on 'Love Is Blind'? These are the 78 questions you have to answer first

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"Love Is Blind" Season Four hasn't finished airing, but plans are already in place for the future seasons of the show.

According to an Instagram post from Kinetic Content, the production company behind the reality show as well as shows like "Married at First Sight," the show is currently looking for singles in Denver, Washington, D.C., and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) for its future confirmed seasons.

"Attention all SINGLES!!! Kinetic Content casting is back at it and accepting Love Is Blind applications from not one, but three cities! You heard that right! We are currently looking for brave singles who are interested in a serious commitment! Swipe to see where we’re looking NOW," the post reads.

Want to enter one of the pods on the experimental dating show and potentially leave engaged? Here are a few of the 78 questions you’ll have to answer on the application.

First, the basics

Naturally, the application wants to know who you are. Not who you are on the inside, necessarily, but your name and contact information.

Applications start by filling out basic information like name, age, date of birth, location, phone number, email, sexual orientation and your highest level of education.

Prospective pod-daters also have to provide three references, perhaps to vet everything listed above.

The pods are about physical anonymity — but the application isn't

While dating in the pods happens without seeing potential matches face-to-face, the application has questions about physical appearances.

Applicants have to provide their eye and hair color, their "best face photo" and a complete body shot.

Your social media accounts. All of them!

Applicants also have to provide social media handles across all platforms — everything from your Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and TikTok, and even Skype.

Don't forget the video statement

Applicants also have to film a 15-second video of themselves explaining why they're "ready to find love in the pods."

Fess up your dating history

After going over the basics, the application inquires into the juicy stuff — a.k.a the topics that will surely come up in the pods. Think: Past relationships, marriages and thoughts on children (whether you have them, and whether you want them).

Applicants are prompted to "take a moment to briefly describe (their) dating history," and are encouraged to add the longest relationship they've been in and how long they've been single.

You'll also find probing questions like "why do you think you are single?" and "why are you a catch?" here.

Say what you're looking for in a relationship

The application also gets down to the nitty gritty of a person's ideal partner. It prompts applicants to answer questions like:

  1. "What are the top three qualities you look for in a mate?"

  2. "What are your deal breakers?"

  3. What does your perfect match look like physically? What physical traits are you not attracted to?

And what your relationship deal breakers are

The application wants to know what applicants are looking for — and what they're avoiding.

There are sections for dealbreakers of the religious, ethnic and cultural variety, as well as the general type. The application also asks whether smoking is a dealbreaker.

A few other general questions

Heavy-hitting questions about love, dating, family, values keep coming. Consider bringing them to your next first date.

  • "If we were to ask your friends and family to describe you in a relationship, what would they say?"

  • "Why is marriage important to you?"

  • "What is the most difficult situation you’ve had to overcome?"

  • "What accomplishments in your life are you most proud of that you would want to share in the pods?"

  • "What is something you would be hesitant to share in the pods?"

Why 'Love Is Blind'?

Truth be told, there are less involved ways to meet a match than going on a Netflix dating show. So, why get engaged in this specific process? The application has show-specific questions like:

  • “What has been missing emotionally from previous relationships that you hope to find through this experience?”

  • "What about this experiment appeals to you the most and why?"

  • "Why do you need 'Love Is Blind' in your life now?"

  • "What do you think about falling in love and getting engaged sight unseen?"

The application also seems to indicate when the next seasons are filming

The application asks whether applicants have any conflicts from Oct. 1 to Nov. 20, 2023, potential filming dates.

It also wants to know if applicants have a valid passport, if they've ever applied to a television show before and how they found out about the casting.

After all that, all applicants have to do is sign their name, date their answers and they're good to go. Good luck.

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