We want you to help us review every 'Simpsons' episode ever

Ross Miller
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We love binge-watching TV shows and have been desperately looking for a chance to one-up our 12-hour House of Cards season two marathon. As luck would have it, FXX is planning to show every episode of The Simpsons back-to-back starting this Thursday, August 21st at 10:00AM (here's a handy schedule). Unfortunately, we can't watch 552 episodes in one sitting because, as we've been told by legal, it's unhealthy for one person to stay up for 12 days.

That's where you come in. We're asking The Verge community to sign up for one-hour "blocks" during the marathon and write 100 words (or less) for each episode, to be published here on the site. It should be a review, but if it's a poem, a personal narrative, a thematic cocktail recipe, that's probably okay, too —  just remember that it has to be about the specific episode and that your name will forever linked to what you write. (We also reserve the right to reject your submission for whatever reason.)

Click here to reserve your slot

What do you win?

Credit, retweets, maybe hugs

Will this actually work?

Who knows — hack week!

What if I just look up the episode now, prepare my piece, and submit it as if I watched it live?

You're no fun.

OK, you win. How do I sign up?

Click here to reserve a slot (requires a Google account). Note: all reservation slots are based on Eastern Time, so do the fuzzy math if you have to.

Explain the time zone thing

The appointments are all based on the episode broadcasting in Eastern Time. So if you're signing up for, say, an episode at 8AM PT Thursday, then it's the 11AM ET episodes ("Homer's Odyssey" and "There's No Disgrace Like Home").