Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia for Shiatzy Chen: 'the stained glass of the Sagrada Familia inspired details of this collection'

Fashion designer WANG Chen Tsai-Hsia (Shiatzy Chen)
Fashion designer WANG Chen Tsai-Hsia (Shiatzy Chen)

On the occasion of Paris Fashion Week (September 27 to October 5), Relaxnews caught up with designer Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, whose spring/summer 2017 collection for Shiatzy Chen previews October 4 at 5:30pm. As well as outlining her latest creations and inspirations for the season, the designer gave us her take on the "see now, buy now" revolution that's shaking up the industry.

What's the womenswear silhouette for the spring/summer 2017 season?
Drawing inspiration from the movement of light, Shiatzy Chen 2017SS collection juxtaposes an oriental proclivity for precious embroideries and jacquards with a fluid and refined silhouette. Some of the main silhouettes include drop waist dresses, hooded coats, long loose trousers, light romantic long skirts, halter tank tops, oversized coat and architectural tops. Pleats, geometric collage, draping ruffles, sheerness and fringes are also used in this season. Playing on stained-glass elements paired with luxuriant details of floral vines, the collection transcends a classic idea of Oriental beauty for a unified beauty of East and West.

What or who inspired this collection?
A profound visual emotion from a long time ago. And earlier this year, when I started work on this collection, I paid a visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona where the continual interaction between grandeur and delicacy, the changing lights and the clouds seen through the stained glass windows were the creative spark for the new collection, its bold colors and exquisite silhouettes.

Who is the collection aimed at? What style of woman?
Every year, we try to combine our brand concept with different contemporary elements to attract different kinds of women. The new Shiatzy Chen collection reveals the boyish charms of a self-confident woman by lengthening lines, mixing silks and light plissé while breaking free from a purely classical silhouette.

Today's womenswear silhouettes are free from all constraints, with no taboos when it comes to clothes. Is it still possible to revolutionize fashion in 2017?
Of course, I believe that there can always be changes in the industry. Fashion is always about being more creative. And every year we see more young talents arriving with their own idea and story. So I'm confident that we can all expect more revolution in this industry. And I'm looking forward to it.

With "see now buy now" and the merging of menswear and womenswear collections, the face of fashion is changing. How do you see the future?
Fashion is not only about what story we tell every season, it's also about how we tell the story. And such changes are all about seeking new interpretations of the brand. Consumers nowadays are more eager to purchase the product right after the show. The traditional 6 months of waiting can no longer satisfy consumers. The excitement of seeing the show pieces trigger the urgency for consumers to try them on and be able to bring them home. So I think it's a good move to boost sales with the "see now buy now" strategy. But it can also raise more challenges with production and logistic processes. As for the merging of menswear and womenswear, it's an important trend for today's fashion industry. With the blurry boundary of womenswear and menswear, it's not really that important to draw a clear line between men's and women's collections. Merging them can be a good way for designers to interpret their concept for this season and help build a more complete story.