Walsh University Teacher of the Month: Angela Emmons, Louisville

Angela Emmons, algebra and advanced math teacher at Louisville High School, is a Canton Repository Walsh University Teacher of the Month for April. She was photographed Wednesday, April 06, 2022, at the school.
Angela Emmons, algebra and advanced math teacher at Louisville High School, is a Canton Repository Walsh University Teacher of the Month for April. She was photographed Wednesday, April 06, 2022, at the school.

NAME – Angela Emmons

SCHOOL – Louisville High School

RESIDENCE – Louisville

HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER – Louisville High School

COLLEGE – Kent State University & Ashland University

FAMILY – My husband’s name is Rob, and I have two sons, Noah and Cody.

WHAT SUBJECTS DO YOU TEACH? – Algebra 1 (freshmen), and advanced math/trig (juniors and seniors).

WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? – My students and my colleagues. (Go math!)

WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING PART OF YOUR JOB? – Watching a student struggle with things that are beyond my control.

WHAT SECRET TO SUCCESS WOULD YOU SHARE WITH STUDENTS? – Do what makes you happy. Don’t take life too seriously – find something to laugh about every day. Surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are. Be kind to everyone (even if they aren’t) … you never know what someone is going through.

IS TEACHING KIDS THE SAME TODAY AS WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED? – Definitely not. There are more distractions and less instructional time than ever before. Teachers are having to figure out ways to overcome not only a loss of knowledge and skills (due to the pandemic), but also a lack of desire and drive in students (due to an abundance of social-emotional difficulties) … all while continuing to teach a state-mandated curriculum.

YOUR STUDENTS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT YOU … – I was a field commander of my high school marching band for two years, and I helped coach varsity softball for five years.

WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? – LOL! I can overthink anything! (Is that a talent?) I can work song lyrics into almost any conversation.

IF YOU WEREN’T A TEACHER, YOU’D BE … – ... working in advertising or web design.

AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO RELAX? – Ideally, watching mindless television, scrolling through Pinterest, or listening to music.

Angela Emmons, algebra and advanced math teacher at Louisville High School, is a Canton Repository Walsh University Teacher of the Month for April. She was photographed Wednesday, April 06, 2022, at the school.
Angela Emmons, algebra and advanced math teacher at Louisville High School, is a Canton Repository Walsh University Teacher of the Month for April. She was photographed Wednesday, April 06, 2022, at the school.

Other nominees


Erica Jackson, dean of students at Alliance Intermediate School – Erica's relentless work and dedication to the community and our district has improved educational experiences for countless families; her altruistic spirit is witnessed through countless hours spent voluntarily attending students’ extracurricular events in the evenings and weekends throughout the entire year. She has been a trailblazer for inclusive PBIS practices and restorative processes; her passion and sincerity extend beyond the walls of the school and past the ring of the last bell. Erica makes Alliance Intermediate a GREAT place to work and learn!

Mikayla Milburn, 10th-grade intervention specialist with a focus in geometry – As a new teacher at Alliance High School, Mikayla Milburn has faced a lot of challenges and has met each challenge with a growth mindset. She is eager to learn and do her best and the best for her students. Mikayla's students know they are more than just data points in her classroom, they are people to who, she is committed to grow as learners.


Kevin Powell, Latin, computer science, robotics & engineering – Kevin Powell has been a teacher at Central Catholic for more than 30 years, teaching Latin, Robotics & Engineering, and computer science. He has also implemented Central's 1:1 technology program, equipping every student with personal devices and overseeing an updated technology framework for staff. In addition to his knowledge base in the classroom, he is a well-liked teacher that creates lifetime friendships with many of his students.


Tauja Love, cross categorical teacher at Harter – Tauja Love is a teacher who has built a home away from home for her students here at school. Mrs. Love leads her team to provide a stable, loving and educationally inspiring classroom for a multi-age classroom of learners.

Paul McIntyre, technology resource teacher at Early College High School at Lehman – Paul McIntyre has gone above and beyond as the Early College Technology Resource Teacher. Outside of his teacher support duties, he heads up our MAP, OST, and SAT testing procedures and he created new weekly parent and staff communication platforms for the middle school and high school. His professionalism and leadership demonstrate excellence.


Mallory Davis, permanent substitute teacher, Faircrest Memorial Middle School – Mallory continually demonstrates flexibility in her assigned duties. She not only brings a calming presence to our learning environment for both students and staff, but she seeks out opportunities to support students in ways that go above and beyond, such as helping struggling students during her off periods and attending extracurricular activities.

Mark Gamertsfelder, science, Canton South High School – Mark has taught earth science, forensic science, physical science, physics and multiple other science-related classes. After 35 years of teaching, Mark has announced his retirement. He has been very instrumental in helping many South Stark Career Academy students from other districts feel comfortable attending Canton South. Mark makes all students feel welcome and cares about them personally and academically.


Seana Carter, sixth-grade math – Seana cares deeply about her students. She works every day to increase student achievement through continually working with students, re-teaching when necessary, and providing extension activities to help students grow.


Jennifer Schlabach, second grade – Mrs. Schlabach creates an environment conducive to student learning. She has consistent expectations and clear routines. She believes the best in her students and is aware of their abilities, which helps them to feel loved and allows them to reach their potential.

Michael Wallace, Spanish – Excitement about learning, differentiation, real world application, and centered on building relationships with students are descriptions of Mr. Wallace's Spanish classroom. Through these unique aspects, Mr. Wallace builds trusting relationships will all students in his classroom.


Camden Carter, third grade – Mr. Carter is an incredibly charismatic teacher who always goes the extra mile for his students, families and colleagues. He is very student-centered and does whatever is needed to support his students and ensure their success. He meets his students each day full of energy and ready to guide them in their learning. Mr. Carter does a great job of incorporating technology to meet the needs of all of his students while making it meaningful. He has a passion to see his students grow and be successful in and out of the school day and values the importance of developing positive relationships with his students and colleagues.

Ken Wolfe, Honors Biology, Interactions Science – Ken Wolfe has been serving Lake Middle/High School for several years as the chairman of our science department while teaching at least two different courses and serving as an assistant coach for three different sports. We were fortunate to have Mr. Wolfe willingly take on the task of teaching a course this year that he has never taught before to some of our older students who tend to find school to be extremely challenging. It proved to be quite a blessing for a diverse group of learners as this teacher has given them an educational experience that is engaging and relevant, and he has consistently taken time out of his obviously busy schedule to provide them with experiences, lessons, and memories that extend beyond the classroom. We needed a teacher, and our students found a mentor.


Angela Emmons, algebra I, advanced math and trigonometry – Angie Emmons pours her heart and soul into her students. Her relentless efforts to grow her students is not only amazing but inspiring. She is constantly working to incorporate the best teaching strategies into her classroom. At a time when teachers are called upon to not only spiral back and teach material that students missed due to COVID but then stretch and grow their students as well, Angie is a rock star. Her value to Louisville High School and the students she teaches is immeasurable.


Kelly Miller, third-grade math and science – Kelly is an outstanding teacher at Washington Elementary. She teaches math and science to our third graders. Kelly is kind and patient with all the students and works extremely hard to help them understand math concepts. Students enjoy her class as she makes learning fun and puts a twist on her lessons that keeps them engaged. Kelly is held in high regard by her colleagues and is well respected by both staff and students. Her big heart and understanding nature make her a perfect candidate for teacher of the month!

Brenda Schloneger, enriched science teacher and dean of students at Marlington Middle School – Mrs. Schloneger is a tremendous classroom teacher as she leads her enriched science students through many challenging and engaging lab activities throughout the year. Her students are always challenged, but also always know her helping hand is ready and willing at all times. However, Mrs. Schloneger's positive impact on our middle school extends far beyond her classroom. Once her courses are complete for the day, she can be found working with teachers to analyze data, planning for differentiation, or delving into different instructional strategies with our staff. She is a tremendous leader and the rock of our middle school!


Lisa Maple, intervention specialist – Mrs. Maple teaches language arts in both the resource and co-taught settings. She is diligent in staying organized and being sure to keep the parents of her students informed. It is not unusual for her to be working hours after the school day to be sure she is ready for the next. Lisa has worked at Northwest since 1998, and will retire at the end of this school year. Thanks to Mrs. Maple for a career spent helping thousands of students succeed!


Jason Wade, high school math – In between classes at East Canton High School, Mr. Wade can be found in the hallway greeting students and brightening their day with a joke or a compliment. Mr. Wade’s energy pours into everything he does at East Canton High School. He is an educator who utilizes positive relationships to build students up and increase their success identity. Thank you, Mr. Wade, for all you do for Osnaburg Local Schools and the East Canton community!


Kristy Ruef, intervention specialist – Mrs. Kristy Ruef is an invaluable member of the Whipple Heights teaching team. She is an intervention specialist at Whipple Elementary, working with various grade levels throughout the day. She builds positive, lasting relationships with the students at Whipple. At any given moment, Mrs. Ruef is willing to step in and lend a helping hand. She is a member of Whipple’s CARE Team and is always finding ways to help those in need. Mrs. Ruef goes above and beyond daily to help make Whipple great!


Brette Cook, grade five math and science – Glenwood is honored to recognize Mrs. Cook, grade five math and science teacher, whose dedication and passion for students is evident each day in her classroom. Mrs. Cook believes all students can achieve, and her lessons engage all students, which builds a love for math and science beyond the classroom!

Darla Coppa, visual arts – Darla Coppa’s energy is contagious as she cultivates the artist in every student she works with. She is an exceptional visual arts/ceramics teacher who we are blessed to have at GlenOak.


Morgan Graham, kindergarten – When entering Mrs. Graham's classroom, one cannot help but want to join the kindergartners with all of the fun and excitement happening daily! Mrs. Graham brings positivity and joy into her classroom with her bright smile and encouraging demeanor.


Joe Frangos, theology – Joe Frangos is a theology teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas who has become a favorite teacher for many students because of his quirky humor and his ability to help students appreciate one another. He also helps with the theatre department, offering countless hours to the annual fall play and spring musical by acting as stage manager.


Lisa Eberhardt, second grade – Lisa Eberhardt is a is a gift to education. She provides her students with the tools to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. She spends countless hours each month decorating her classroom, so it resembles a home for each student.


Lindsey Witting, intervention specialist – The passion of the job and her key eagle eye focus on her students' overall well-being is what makes Lindsey Witting an awesome teacher for Tuslaw. When asked for assistance on any task, she provides it with 100% effort always and provides multiple beneficial solutions for our students' success. The hard work she exhibits allows our students to see a fantastic role model every day.

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