Wallet returned after 24 years missing

William Holt
Yahoo! News
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The man's lost wallet was returned in surprisingly good condition after 24 years int he ocean. (Courtesy of Reddit)

After 24 years, a man received the missing wallet he’d thought was long gone.

Under the username “shrivel,” the man posted photos of the lucky find on Thursday night in a Reddit discussion thread he appropriately titled, “A good Samaritan found the wallet I lost in the ocean. 24 YEARS AGO.”

“As I am driving to work one morning last week, I get a phone call,” the man wrote. “The voice on the other end asks for me by name and says, ‘My name is ... and you don’t know me but I know your name, birthday, height, weight and address.’ Okay, I’m thinking, bit of a creepy way to introduce himself, but I figure I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hear him out. ‘I was at the Holden’s Beach in North Carolina on vacation and I think I found your wallet,’ he says.”

The wallet’s owner noted on the discussion thread that his grandparents had lived near Holden Beach, and that he had, in fact, lost his wallet there while water skiing two decades ago.

He added, “As near as I can remember I was 19 years old and that was 24 years ago.”

Blocking out personal information like his name and address, the man posted photos of the Velcro wallet and its contents, which included his college and high school IDs, library card and driver’s license.

“I know from talking to the guy that the inside contents were in good enough shape to read,” the wallet’s owner wrote. “But I was floored by how well preserved the outside of the wallet was.”