Walking Dead's David Morrissey Talks Playing The Governor

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'The Walking Dead's' David Morrissey as The Governor -- AMC

"The Walking Dead" ended its gripping second season with Sheriff Rick Grimes' gang of survivors on the run from an army of zombies, but where they end up - and who they meet - might be worse than facing the undead flesh eaters.

Access Hollywood caught up with British actor David Morrissey, who will play the show's new super villain, The Governor, at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego on Thursday.

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"He's got the spirit of the comic book character," the actor told Access.

David stayed mum on the show's juicy plot details, but did offer up, "There is definitely a prison involved, I can give you that much information."

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In the comics, the Governor is one of Rick's biggest foes, torturing and raping members of the sheriff's group. But, will David bring that same level of evil to the AMC series?

"He's out there. He has to survive in this world and this world was made for him, he's found his niche," the actor explained. "I'm trying to give him complexity."

And what about scenes in Season 3 featuring rumored death matches between survivors and possibly zombies?

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"I can't tell you that," David said after a long pause.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC in October.

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