'Walking Dead' Cast Share Season 2 Secrets

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Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus -- Access Hollywood

"The Walking Dead" returns for its second season on AMC in October and the gang of survivors are in for more than just trouble with flesh-hungry zombies.

"It's about territory," Norman Reedus, who plays odd man out Daryl Dixon, told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con about the group's move out of the city. "It's about: 'We've survived this long like this, and who are you to say any different?' It's trust issues over and over. It's very adult themes in a geeky teenage world."

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Near the end of the very short Season 1 (they'll get more than double the original six episodes - a total of 13 for Season 2), Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, saw scratches on the neck of his best friend Shane (Jon Bernthal), and his wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) looking very upset.

Whether Rick knows about the former romance between Lori and Shane, however, or what happened at the CDC won't be addressed immediately, Andrew told Access.

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"I don't even know, because I haven't read that far ahead," Andrew said of the scripts he's seen and worked on thus far. "That the whole love triangle thing, it really does [drive the story], but interestingly they've done a couple of twists and turns very early on in Season 2 that are brilliant and actually, two other incidents become far more important than that and in so doing they change everything else."

As the group moves to the country - and a farm - in search of a home, new characters will come into play, including Herschel, played by Scott Walker.

"I don't think it's a spoiler to say we will honor the narrative of the comic book and we'll be going to Hercshel's farm," Andrew said.

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"He just he's an amazing guy," the Brit continued of the former star of 1967 classic film, "In Cold Blood," joining the series in the role. "He's the kind of actor I aspire to become. He's had an incredible career and he's just true. Everything he says, you just go, 'I believe you.'"

One thing that hasn't come up so far in the filming of the second season is Michonne, a character from the comic book series.

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"I'll probably get struck down by 'The Walking Dead' gods for saying this, but as of now, no, she's not there yet," Jon told Access. "But I'm sure that she eventually will be there."

A rumor recently surfaced that horror legend Stephen King is in talks to write an episode of the show alongside his son, Joe Hill, but so far that hasn't materialized either.

"You have to ask [showrunner] Frank Darabont whether or not that's going to happen," Andrew told Access. "But it would be amazing if he did. It would be thrilling."

"The Walking Dead" will return to the airwaves on October 16, airing every Sunday at 9 PM, the same night and time "True Blood" has aired throughout the summer, but potential newcomers should know the two shows have little in common.

"I saw 'True Blood' once and I like the jazzy feel of it and stuff. The difference is like, the vampire stuff, everyone's got a six-pack and they have eyeliner and mousse in their hair," Norman said. "We're like surviving and it's real people. I don't know when this whole thing happened where every actor has a six-pack. Since when did every cop, doctor and lawyer have a six pack, when did that happen. Right?"

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