Walker shares manure anecdote on Election night

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker addresses supporters ahead of election results and shares a story about a boy who gets horse manure for Christmas, while his twin brother gets new toys and then complains. Walker likens himself to the boy who receives the manure, because "There must be a pony" at the end of the tight Senate race.

Video Transcript

HERSCHEL WALKER: And he put us here for a reason. And we're here to win this election, or are we not? Hey, so I'm going to tell you this little story. I've been talking about these two little boys. And one little boy is always positive in life. No matter whatever happened to that kid, he was positive about it. But this other little kid, he always negative. No matter whatever was going on in this kid's life, he was negative about everything.

And the father don't know what's going on with these kids, because they're twins, but they're so opposite. So around Christmas time he tried a little experiment. He put this negative kid in his room with nothing but brand new toys. But he put this positive kid in his room with nothing but horse manure.

And after an hour or so, he looked in on this negative little kid and he was complaining. I don't want this. I want that. I don't want this. I want this. And the father knew that this kid was never going to amount to anything, because nothing ever makes him happy.

But he looks in on the kid that's in the room with the horse manure. He got a shovel. He's shoveling in horse manure over his shoulder. He's laughing, and singing, and having a good time.

The first thing the father think is this kid has got to be crazy. But he's their son. What's going on? What's going on, little buddy? You know, Dad, as much horse manure as there is in this room, there must be a pony at the bottom of it. And the reason-- the reason I'm telling you that right now, guys, we got a pony at the end of this right here. I can tell you this right now.


Because I'm telling you, right now, I'm like Ricky Bobby.


I don't come to lose. And I told you he's going to be tough to beat. He's going to be tough to beat. But let me tell you what, he got it wrong in Georgia here, don't he? So I want to tell y'all, if you can hang in, hang in there a little bit longer. Just hang in there a little bit longer, because something good, it takes a while for it to get better. And it's going to get better.

So I wanted to thank you guys for hanging in. And if you saw me, you have to go home. You can wake up tomorrow morning and see that the new senator for the great state of Georgia is Herschel Walker. So I wanted to tell you guys--


--and I want to thank you guys for coming out, and thank you guys for being here, and thank you guys for all your support. I'm not leaving here. I'm up there, they call it a war room, and I say it's a blessing. And I'm up there in this room that I've been blessed. So I'm ready. And I know you guys are ready as well. So, hey, God bless you guys. Let's just keep it going. God bless. Thank you guys so much.