Wake-Up Weather: grab the jackets out the door but ditch them by the afternoon

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Summary: A cool, dry first step out the door with temperatures getting up to seasonal. A beautiful day is expected across the big country with a light breeze at times. Grab that jacket as you step out the door but forget it heading into the afternoon. Temperatures will increase tomorrow with the return of southerly winds. Friday the winds pick back up with almost the same conditions as Thursday expect with more cloud cover and stronger winds. Heading into Saturday evening a cold front from the Pacific and dry-line will push east clearing conditions on Sunday with breezy winds and temperatures into the upper 70’s. Front will be slowly pushing north as the front retreats back north as a warm front bringing in cloud cover and rain chances on the day of the total solar eclipse with a Pacific front by next Wednesday as winds also pick back up.

Today: Sunny, clear and seasonal with a light breeze at times. High Temperature: 77° Winds: W>N 5-15 G 25 MPH

Tonight: Clear, tranquil night with temperatures near seasonal. Low Temperature: 48° Winds: N 5-10 MPH

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