Waitress calls out pregnant customer over ‘crazy’ service demand: ‘Pregnancy is not an excuse’

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A server was baffled by a pregnant woman’s request and it resulted in the customer crying.

She explained the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. The waitress was serving a pregnant patron and her husband. The pregnant woman requested the store’s garlic bread without garlic. After the Reddit poster explained the garlic bread was just the restaurant’s regular bread with garlic butter and that she should just order the regular bread, the customer became upset and demanded “garlic-free garlic bread.” The server wasn’t sure what to do so she brought them regular bread but that just made them more volatile.

“Earlier, a pregnant woman came in with her husband,” the server explained. “When I went to get their orders, the woman asked for ‘garlic-free garlic bread.’ I advised her that our garlic bread was just our regular bread with garlic butter instead of regular butter and asked her to clarify if she just wanted regular bread. But she insisted no, she wanted our garlic bread, just without garlic. I let her know she could just order regular bread and it would be a dollar less, but she insisted she had a huge craving for garlic bread without the garlic. I wasn’t really sure what to do, but her husband got angry and said something like ‘Can’t you see that she’s pregnant? It’s not that hard to just bring out garlic bread without garlic.'”

The kitchen staff didn’t understand the request either and things took a turn. 

“The kitchen staff brought out the regular bread for her,” the server wrote. “She immediately starts crying and asking me if I was treating her like an idiot. How could I treat a pregnant woman so badly? Is it that hard to make garlic bread without garlic? But literally, we do nothing different to our garlic bread except use garlic butter instead of regular butter. Her husband flagged down a manager telling me, I was being condescending and that his wife had been craving this all week but garlic was making her nauseous. The manager apologized and took the bread back and told me to just bring out another loaf of bread with garlic butter on the side. I was a little annoyed, but I did it and gave it to them. The husband got angry again, told the manager I was being intentionally difficult and cruel, then left with his wife (who ate the garlic-free garlic bread, using the garlic butter).”

Reddit users thought the customer was being ridiculous. 

“Pregnancy is not an excuse. It’s not your fault they weren’t understanding the process and being jerks,” someone wrote

“Yeah this is just a crazy customer,” another said

“They’re asking you for an item that does not exist,” a user said

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