Mick Jagger had a beer at Charlotte’s Thirsty Beaver — and no one noticed, owner says

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He looked like any other ball-cap clad, jeans-wearing North Carolinian as he stood at a high-table and quaffed a brew at one of Charlotte’s most famous dive bars Wednesday night.

No adoring fans to shrug off, no security guards by his side as Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger enjoyed the night air on the patio of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon on Central Avenue.

Review: Mick Jagger puts on astonishing show in Charlotte. Was it the pimento cheese?

Several other patrons seated at a nearby table and bench seemed to ignore the rock ‘n’ roll icon. They looked the other way as someone snapped a photo that Jagger later sent onto Instagram and Twitter.

“Out and about last night in Charlotte NC,” Jagger wrote.

Did Jagger rent out the bar, and were those “patrons” his crew?

“Absolutely not,” Brian Wilson, co-owner of The Thirsty Beaver, told The Charlotte Observer on Thursday.

Turns out, the four or five patrons pictured in Jagger’s photo had no idea it was him, Wilson said.

“He was in here and then he was gone,” Wilson said one of the regulars who was there told him Thursday morning.

The bar had no advance notice that Jagger would drop by, and even the bartender had no clue it was him when she served him a beer, Wilson said.

Jagger appeared to be drinking a Miller Lite or a “Mick Ultra,” err, Michelob Ultra, but Wilson said he didn’t know yet what brand the rock star ordered.

Wilson had already gone home to put his young daughter to bed when Jagger showed up at about 10 p.m., he said.

Dwarfed by apartments, The Thirsty Beaver is vowing to stay put

Wilson said he could only guess that someone suggested Thirsty Beaver because Jagger would be able to drink in peace there, given its typically eclectic mix of patrons who would likely leave such a musical legend alone.

“Everybody’s used to it being an eclectic place,” Wilson said.

But Mick Jagger??

Wilson said his bartender that night has come in for some good-natured ribbing.

“C’mon, Hayley, the greatest rock ‘n’ roll legend of all time?”

Years ago, Wilson said, Eric Clapton visited the now-defunct Double Door Inn music venue in Charlotte.

“And we got Mick Jagger, so I think we did all right.”

Jagger tweeted more appreciation for the city after the show — around 3:45 a.m. Friday — writing: “Thanks for being such a great audience Charlotte!” A video clip from the concert was included in his tweet.

Fans on social media loved his unexpected presence at the Queen City bar on the night before the band is scheduled to perform at Bank of America Stadium.

“Mick’s hanging out just like a local, this guy is the best!!” posted Marvin Sloan.

“Are you waiting on a friend?” Tamira Madsen asked Jagger on Twitter, referencing the Rolling Stones song.

“There is NO WAY I wouldn’t recognize you if I saw you at a bar!” wrote a person with the Twitter handle scoopdoggydoo. “However, I probably wouldn’t talk to you because I’d be unconscious on the floor.”

Retired Observer sports columnist Tom Sorensen devilishly replied with a reference to another Stones hit.

“@MickJagger A man of wealth and taste,” Sorensen wrote.

Charlotte Paparazzi, a Twitter account that posts celebrity sightings in the Queen City, spotted Jagger dining Wednesday at La Belle Helene, a French restaurant in uptown. The restaurant retweeted the Charlotte Paparazzi post.

Doors to Thursday’s concert open at 5:30 p.m.

The concert, part of the Stones’ “No Filter” tour, begins at 7:30 p.m. Ghost Hounds, a Pittsburgh-based blues-rock band is the opening act.

Ticketmaster’s website showed tickets still available. Prices range from $65 to $495.