Wagner mercenaries start recruiting Kyrgyz residents for the war in Ukraine mass media


The Center for Investigative Journalism "MediaHub" has drawn attention to the appearance in social networks in Kyrgyzstan of ads by private military company (PMC) Wagner about recruiting citizens for the war in Ukraine under the guise of recruiting employees for private security companies in the regions of Russia.

Source: "MediaHub", Radio Azattyk

Details: Journalists published a screenshot of the corresponding ad posted on the kg.zarplata channel on Instagram. It seems that individuals are being recruited to protect industrial enterprises with the prospect of obtaining Russian citizenship. The salary starts from 100,000 rubles per month.  The same ads are being placed with a focus on citizens of Uzbekistan.

In fact, as journalists found out after a call to the "employers", the advertised work is for 4 months or more, for which a monthly remuneration of 240,000 rubles and the same Russian citizenship are offered, provided they perform "tasks" in the war zone in Ukraine.

The "employer" says that it is working in the interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. But given the fact that the assembly point indicated is the hamlet of Molkino in Russia’s Krasnodar Kray, we are talking about the base and recruitment point of PMC Wagner, as pointed out by the journalists.

The investigation says that even citizens with criminal records are being recruited for war, but no compensation is provided in the event of injury.

Background: On 20 July, the Russian publication "Important Stories" published an investigation in which it was reported that PMC Wagner was recruiting for service among Russian prisoners in one and a half dozen [penal] colonies in Russia.