VP Harris moving into vice president's residence

After more than two months of living in temporary housing, Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband are moving this week into the official vice presidential residence on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington after some repairs were completed. (April 7)

Video Transcript

PHILIP DUFOUR: The official name is The Vice President's Residence and it's on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory. So it's actually a house that's owned by the Navy. So they are actually the landlords. It's a Queen Anne style Victorian house.

KAMALA HARRIS: Upon which I am about to enter.

PHILIP DUFOUR: For the vice president, she will get to leave the White House every day and go home to this beautiful property. It's 13 acres inside the fence. There's this beautiful wide veranda that was typical of those Victorian houses.

The Mondale's were the first to live there, 1974. So it's been lived in continuously ever since. It is a typical Victorian home. It's a lot of smaller rooms. It's not a small home by any means, but it's not as big as most people think. It's a great home. It really is a home. It's as much as the White House is stunning and beautiful, this is a place that really becomes the home for the vice president and their families.

I think they will discover how to use it as a home. I think just like the Gore's and the Biden's and the Cheyney's, everyone who has lived there. I think once they settle in it truly becomes their home and it is a wonderful-- wonderful place.