VP Harris continues her nationwide “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – The Biden administration is looking to rally voters around the issue of abortion. Vice President Kamala Hariss is crisscrossing the country through March to highlight a need for abortion care.

With election day nine months away, Harris argues the issue is “of extraordinary consequence.” She says since the overturning of Roe vs Wade, states with abortion bans have put countless mothers in danger and left doctors scrambling.

“I’ve met women who’ve had miscarriages in toilets, women who tried to get care at a hospital and were turned away,” Harris says.

She says a lack of maternal healthcare makes matters worse.

“The top ten states with the highest rate of maternal mortality also have abortion bans,” says Harris.

Harris says the administration has successfully expanded postpartum care for Medicaid patients in more than 40 states and says she’s willing to work across the aisle to try and expand reproductive care.

The U.S. has the worst maternal mortality rates of any developed nations, and the deaths are only getting worse according to recent data.

For pregnant Black women the risk of complications is even higher, Black women in the U.S. are almost three times more likely to die in a pregnancy than white women according to the Centers for Disease Control.

“It’s just not right,” says Harris.

Harris kicked off this re-election year tour in California and last week she visited the swing state of Wisconsin, which after a tense court battle, now has a 20-week abortion ban. Her next stop, Georgia, has a 6-week abortion ban. Georgia Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff calls the law “extreme” and says he welcomes Harris to the Peach state.

Anti-abortion groups call Harris’ tour a distraction.

“They’re running on abortion because they don’t have really nothing else to run on,” says Emily Erin Davis of Susan B. Anthony Pro-life America, “I view it as reproductive fearmongering.”

Davis was among the thousands at this year’s pro-life march in Washington.

“Everyone was saying look, we are not going to give up, we are going to continue to fight for life,” says Davis.

Davis says that includes pushing Congress to pass a national abortion ban that all states would have to follow.

Polling shows while the majority of Americans oppose abortion after 23 weeks, the majority of Americans also do not support a 6-week ban.

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