Voters' voices: Whitman vs. Brown dominates day for Californians

Ted Sherman
Yahoo! Contributor Network
Sacramento, California in 1849

California voters headed to the polls on Tuesday, after being bombarded by ads on TV, radio and the Web as well as mailboxes chock-full of campaign mailers on every issue, candidate and ballot proposition.

Here are the thoughts of some voters who were leaving a polling station in North Hollywood. The area includes a range of income levels and housing -- from $800-a-month apartments to $800,000 luxury homes.

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"(Republican governor candidate Meg) Whitman's campaign has been so bad, but I think she knows what she's doing and can govern effectively. She'll be supported by the Republican establishment and she knows how to run a business, that's why she got my vote. Same thinking on (Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly) Fiorina. California is like a great company with horrible management. We just need the right team in there to turn things around." -- Albert Pierce, attorney, Toluca Lake

"I voted straight Republican for all candidates because I'm for smaller government. I voted no on Prop. 19, because we don't need more potheads in California and people who need pot can already get it. I voted yes on Prop. 20 and no on Prop. 27 because I agree it's best to take redistricting decisions out of the hands of the politicians who live by those boundaries. Also (I voted) no on 25 because I don't think it does enough to help balance the budget. It would create more problems than it solves." -- Jen Bullock, nurse, Studio City

"It's all about Prop. 19, for real. I didn't vote for anything else and I haven't even voted in like 10 years, but I had to come out and support the herb. We should not be put in jail for smoking a plant that grows wild. Peace." -- Amadia Shefrin, artist, North Hollywood

"I was confused this year. (There were) so many ballot measures it was hard to figure them out and also hard to find sources of information, beyond totally neutral voter guides. I was disappointed the LA Weekly stopped endorsing candidates. OK, I voted for (Democratic candidate) Jerry Brown for governor, because he's a fair man with experience. I voted for (Republican candidate) Abel Maldonado for lieutenant governor because (San Francisco Mayor) Gavin Newsom is a weirdo. I mainly voted Democratic for the other state positions. I voted for (Democratic candidate) Barbara Boxer for Senate, I think she has done a good job on behalf of California. For the first time, I did a lot of research on the judges, both local and the ones for state supreme court. I voted yes on Prop. 19 because if people want to smoke pot, let them. I voted against Prop. 21. Although I support state parks, we pay too many fees for car registration here in California." -- Jeff Osterholt, Web designer Woodland Hills

"I was most concerned with the local races, like for the California state house. I voted for (Democratic state house candidate Mike) Feuer because I know he has been working hard and getting results in Sacramento. I know he has done a lot of health care legislation to fight insurance company actions. I spent a lot of time on the ballot propositions -- no on 19, yes on 20, yes on 21. (We) need to keep the parks free. I voted for Brown (for governor) just due to his experience. Meg Whitman has none. Same for Senator -- Fiorina has no experience in any government position. I had to go with Boxer." -- Matt Benton, sound engineer, Toluca Lake

"These times are tough for folks right now. Government is there to help people and people need the help, you know. Jerry Brown is a good, caring person; that's who I want to be my governor. I voted for Fiorina 'cause she knows business and Boxer just ain't done enough for people. Sure, it's probably not her fault, but sometimes it's time for a change. Most other choices I picked the Democrat one, and I don't understand all those prop this and prop that so I just let other people make those choices." -- Trevon Johnson, security guard, North Hollywood

"Not that it really matters who I voted for, I do think it's important to vote. Especially with soldiers right now fighting for democracy, or at least that's what they tell you. I voted for Meg Whitman for governor because I like what she says about issues and she thinks like I do. I voted for Gavin Newsom (Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor) because he's very liberal and I think it will balance out with Whitman. I voted for Kamala Harris because Steve Cooley is a Nazi and doesn't listen to the people who he represents. I also voted for (Republican candidate for secretary of state) Damon Dunn as I think he will work to make it easier for more people to vote, which is a personal issue of mine." -- Sarah Goldman, writer, Studio City