Voters' voices: Southern Californians not too thrilled with choices

Danielle Crofford Fetters
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California Election Exit Poll Quotes

Californians voted Tuesday on governor, U.S. senator and Prop. 19 (on marijuana legalization), among other issues. The main candidates were Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman for governor, and incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Carly Fiorina for senator.

Here's what some Southern Californians in Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire and Orange County had to say Tuesday about their votes, before results showed that Brown and Boxer had won and that Prop. 19 had been defeated:

"I voted for Jerry Brown because I remember when he was in office before and he did a pretty good job back then. We've had a Republican governor for a few years now, and he hasn't done a good job at all. The state's in worse shape than ever. It's time to give the Democrats another shot, and I think Brown has the experience to get things back on track." -- Maxine Mooney, homemaker, Ontario

"Whitman and Fiorina! Why?Jerry Brown has been trying for 30 some years and is a mediocre has been. My staunch Democrat mother even said, 'God help us if Jerry Brown gets elected again!' We need fresh ideas and fresh blood in our government. I think a business perspective is what this multibillion-dollar business called the state of California needs. Plus I'm all for kick-butt girl power -- although I'm not pro-Meg Whitman; she was just the lesser choice of two evils." -- Janna Croushore-Crowther,self-employed, San Dimas

"I think Meg Whitman is a liar. She said she didn't know her valued housekeeper was an illegal immigrant. The woman could barely speak English; that should have been her first clue. I don't want someone who doesn't even know what's going on in their own house to be in charge of the state. That's why I voted Jerry Brown for governor even though I wasn't too crazy about him either." -- Mary Whitehead, retired Department of Public Social Services employee, Fontana

"Meg scares me, so I voted Jerry Brown. Voted yes on 19 for moral and humane reasons but was conflicted. I feel like the marijuana trade will be put in the hands of evil corporations, such as the big tobacco companies. Scary, huh?" -- Nick Hernandez, musician, Laguna Beach

"I voted for Brown because he was the lesser of two bad choices for governor not because I was thrilled with him as a candidate. I also voted yes on Prop. 19 because I feel that alcohol consumption is far more dangerous than pot smoking, and legalizing marijuana will possibly bring more revenue to the cities through taxes and cut down on the criminal aspect of marijuana use." -- David Marshall, sales associate, Glendora

"Fiorina was my choice for U.S. state senator. Why? Because I think Barbara Boxer is a self-serving politician who cares more about the job title than the people she serves. She's been in Washington forever, and it's time for her to go." -- Bill Bottomley, parts manager, Upland

"I went Republican with all the candidates, but even most of them sucked. I don't like the Democrats being in control of all the offices, so I guess I'm hoping to bring balance. All of the negative ad campaigns make it impossible to really know the truth about any candidate, so I just stuck with the party that I am for, in hopes that wise decisions will be made should they take office." -- Jennifer Maglio, graphic designer, Claremont