Voters react to measure to block off-site alcohol sales, proposed Sheetz hits another roadblock

Sheetz has hit yet another roadblock in its attempt to build a new location in Centerville.

More than 75% of people voted to not allow any future business to sell to-go beer, wine, or alcohol in the area.

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News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson talked to people who live in the area about how they feel about the vote, and what this means for businesses that want to move to the area.

If Sheetz were to build a location in Centerville where Elsa’s currently is, they would not be allowed to have a beer cooler or sell any alcoholic drinks to go, but they could sell them for people to drink inside.

Whether or not to sell to-go in the district of Centerville where the new Sheetz is being proposed was in the voters’ hands and they voted it down.

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More than 75% said no, meaning future sales of beer, wine, mixed drinks, and liquor for off-site consumption are banned.

Edward Dudzinksi, of Washington Township, said when he went in to vote he didn’t realize those issues were on the ballot.

“But it just blew by me when I read the sample ballot, that that was what it was about,” Dudzinski said. “I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t really concerned with it so I didn’t vote on it.”

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This is the latest roadblock for the proposed Sheetz, which is in the middle of a legal battle.

A lawsuit filed by Sheetz says that Centerville City Council ‘incorrectly reversed’ the planning commission’s approval to build at the Elsa’s site on Far Hills.

Epiphany Lutheran Church and Bethany Lutheran Village asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

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They all raised concerns about Sheetz bringing more traffic, alcohol, tobacco, and CBD products within 500 feet of a school and church.

“I was aware of what was going on with the controversies with it. I would have voted to allow it, I don’t have a problem with it,” Dudzinski said.

The ballot measure does not impact Elsa’s ability to continue to sell alcohol here, it just can’t be sold to go.