Philadelphia Native Goes Volunteer Farming Abroad and Doesn't Look Back


(Photo: Travelellograms)

For many, spending eight months volunteering around the world would be a transformative experience. But for 27-year-old Amy Cadden of the Tumblr Travelellograms, it was just the beginning. Cadden, a Philadelphia native, says that somewhere during her organic-farming experience in Europe and Asia, she developed a newfound self-confidence and went from “farming exploration to self-exploration.” She’s been traveling for a full year now and plans to spend the next year working her way through Australia.

Most recently Cadden has teamed up with her friend Amber to build houses in Euroa, less than 100 miles from Melbourne. She posts often about work and play in the region, and the joy she exudes from such simple pleasures as driving a van to walking through flowers could crack even the toughest travel cynic.

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