'The Voice's' Adam Levine Responds To Simon Cowell's Suggestion For A Super Final

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"The Voice's" Adam Levine is taking the high road in response to Simon Cowell's recent suggestion that there should be a sing off between the winners of the big three reality singing competitions.

"Simon's just so clever," Adam told Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin when she informed the Maroon 5 singer about Simon's suggestion that the winner of "The Voice," "American Idol" and the Brit's own show, "The X Factor," should compete against each other in a super-final.

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"He's so hell bent on competing with other shows. We're not really interested in a way... That's kind of a cool idea, actually, but I'm not so sure we're totally interested in what everyone else is doing," Adam continued. "We're just kind of worrying about what we do 'cause we all know the more we worry about everybody else, the more the quality of what you're doing tends to suffer. So, we want to just do what we do."

Now that he has a year of judging under his belt, Jill asked Adam if he had any advice for Howard Stern, who also joins the NBC fold this season, serving as the newest judge on "America's Got Talent," which premieres in the summer.

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"He's Howard Stern. He doesn't need advice. He's going to be Howard Stern and everyone's going to love him/hate him," Adam said. "It's going to be great."

Howard is currently crossing the country for the "AGT" auditions and Adam said he is looking forward to the show's premiere in a few months.

"I can't wait to watch the show," Adam said. "I'm excited. Obviously I'm a huge Stern fan, so he'll be fine. He's a big boy. Howard Stern, he'll be all right."

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"The Voice" airs Monday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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