Visitors flock to 'penis park' in Thailand for selfies and to make wishes for well-endowed partners

A park in Thailand, where visitors are encouraged to hug massive penis statues and pray to them to find a well-endowed partner, has gained much attention online.

Wish-granting penises: The park, called Traitep Dream Forest, is located in the city of Khon Kaen and features penis statues that supposedly grant wishes, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

  • Whichever penis you hug, you will get a partner of that size,” a sign at the entrance reads.

  • Tritep Sahakhan, the owner of the penis park, said Traitep Dream Forest was inspired by the folk tale of Lahone, a perverted deity who had his phallus removed by the gods as punishment for sexually harassing people. Tritep explained that the gods had placed Lahone's phallus in the park for everyone to ridicule.

  • I think the statues are a bit silly and I'm not sure if they work, so I came here just for fun to look at them and take a picture,” a female park visitor said, according to Daily Star. “I still hugged them and made a wish, just in case it works, so I hope I'll find a handsome man who's also rich.”

Keeping the tradition alive: Phallic sculptures have been part of Thai tradition and Buddhist culture for hundreds of years, said Tritep, adding that he “wanted to keep the traditions alive.”

  • Women have found the park quite funny, but there is a serious spiritual connection to the phalluses that many people still believe in.”

  • Similar sculptures can also be found in shrines in Thailand. Bangkok’s former Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel was also famous for its penis garden, but the hotel closed its doors in 2016.

  • Tourists can also buy wooden penises in Bangkok as souvenirs. Locals believe that keeping this kind of sculpture in their homes will give them good luck and strength.

Featured Image via BILD

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