Viral 'Pink Sauce' Condiment On TikTok Raises Eyebrows As Buyers Sound The Alarm

Pink sauce, TikTok’s latest food craze, has raised more concerns than good reviews. For $20, people can purchase the condiment, which according to the website, blends sunflower seed oil, dragon fruit, chili, honey and garlic.

TikToker Anna Reports News shared a list of concerns about the sauce, including its packaging and spelling errors on the nutrition label.

She also noted that it lists milk as an ingredient, but there were no directions to refrigerate the bottle or an expiration date. She also said that the product was not FDA approved.

Twitter chimed in to discuss people purchasing the product despite concerns expressed by others.

“People are buying unrefrigerated ‘pink sauce’ with no preservatives from a stranger on TikTok and are shocked when they get sick?” one user tweeted.

“Ewwwww,” another tweeted, with a video of a buyer reviewing the sauce.

One buyer noted that it smelled like ranch and told her followers that her bottle wasn’t pink.

TikToker @chef.pii, who is credited with creating the viral sauce, addressed some of the concerns, alleging that they were a mistake. She said that while the pink sauce isn’t FDA approved, the formula is “in the labs” as they work toward getting the condiment in stores.

She also shared that she’s working on getting the price point down.