Viral News Anchor Couple Jeannette Reyes And Robert Burton Hilariously Prank Her Mom Over Daily Routines

Jeanette Reyes | Getty Images
Jeanette Reyes | Getty Images

News anchor couple Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton became an internet sensation after sharing a glimpse of their professional and private lives with their followers on social media. However, their latest video involves the Afro-Latina’s mom hilariously calling them out on their alleged daily routines.

On Thursday, Reyes posted a video of the couple sharing their morning routine before work on her social media accounts. The 34-year-old said they received questions about their schedules and wanted to share the information with their supporters.

“Okay, so we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what our morning routine is,” Reyes began. “We’re both morning anchors, and I have to go to work at 4 in the morning, and he [Burton] has to be to work at 3 in the morning.”

The couple also shared what time they get up each morning to start their day. As the conversation continued, Reyes’ mom was in the background, listening to the pair exchange details.

“Once I wake up, I’ll work out for about an hour Monday through Friday,” Reyes explained. “It’s two hours on the weekends. Then I’ll have my breakfast, and we cook it fresh every morning.”

“Right, this is after my run in the morning,” Burton replied.

Reyes’ mom interjected by asking if the couple were live on social media. After they assured her it was a recording, she wondered what they were discussing.

“You are talking about what?” the Dominican mom asked.

“Our morning routine,” the couple responded.

Reyes’ mom continued by asking if the video was inspired by what they wanted to do for their morning routines. Instead, they told her the information they revealed was a truthful depiction of their daily lives.

What happened next was a priceless response from Reyes’ mom, proving the husband and wife do things quite the opposite in their household.

“I don’t think you do that,” she said, adding, “I don’t see any of that.”

Reyes and Burton told her she couldn’t see everything they did since she was already asleep. They insisted the family matriarch was a “hater” for questioning their daily routines.

“Yeah, well, haters,” Burton said to Reyes.

“That’s one of the things we deal with, actually,” Reyes said, with Burton chiming in, “on a daily basis.”

When the couple said they pray 45 minutes daily, Reyes’ mom was even more taken aback by it. However, they also discussed how they handle having a “hater in their own home.”

“God ain’t through with me yet,” Burton declared.

Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared their responses to Reyes’ video and when her mom knew they were lying.

“I love how she’s like who’s story is this 😂😂😂cause it ain’t you 2,” one user said.

“Mama said 😭,” another user wrote with a video attached to the tweet.

“Ma Dukes was like this 😂😂 then y’all brought God into it,” a third user wrote.

“She gon’ take her grandbaby and leave you two lying sinners to your own devices, Y’all better stop playing with Abuela!” another commenter said.