Viral Houston BBL plastic surgeon ‘Dr. Jung Money’ set to film Netflix Documentary

HOUSTON - Dr. Calvin Jung or "Dr. Jung Money" on social media has become a sensation online thanks to his viral body contouring videos. His work has now caught the attention of Netflix and landed him in some of Drake’s newest songs.

The Houston-based plastic surgeon is known for his BBL’s and lipo 360.

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"A ‘Brazilian butt lift’ is just a fancy word for fat graft from the hips, buttocks, or a combination of both," stated Dr. Jung. "And 36 lipo is really our mnemonic for just lipo [liposuction] around the whole abdomen. So really going 360 to create the shape for the fat transfer."

Premiere Surgical Arts is located on Airline Drive in the Upper Heights. Dr. Jung has created a one-stop shop for his patients with a surgical center, med spa, and boutique called "Shapewear Land," where patients can buy their post-surgery compression garments.

"We have a State certified surgery center on the third floor, the second floor is really our clinic floor," stated Dr. Jung. "We have three amazing nurse injectors here who are probably some of the best in Houston. We have our Columbian factory where we make shape wear for our patients on our first floor, and we also have a message therapist on the 2nd floor as well."

Dr. Jung said while many of his patents are from Texas and the Houston area, his popularity on Instagram has attracted people from all over the U.S. and abroad. His work seems to stand out amongst other surgeons.

"You know a lot of it is just a Columbian method of body contouring," said Dr. Jung. "It is a little bit more aggressive. When I trained in the states, it wasn’t as profound as what you see on my page now. And I really had to go down to Columbia to figure out what they were doing to get the results and here I am kind of putting my own spin on it now."

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The surgery starts at about $16,000 and the recovery process is extensive.

Dr. Jung described what he does during the surgery.

"So my best analogy is, what I tell my patients is, it’s almost like plucking some berries off the bush. Underneath the skin is where all the berries are, and using a lipo canula, we are just taking the individual fat cells, the berries, into a sterile canister. And then once we have all the fat cells that we need, then we graft into specific portions of the buttocks."

Following the surgery, which requires anesthesia and intubation, patients must wear the body compression and follow strict post-op rules. ‘Good Life Recovery’ just down the street from Premiere Surgical Arts is there for patients who can afford the ultimate recovery experience. A week in the recovery house can cost as much as $20,000, but patients are guaranteed a recovery experience like no other.

"So we have to keep them alive, keep them fed, keep them on their regimen, it’s really an extensive process," stated ‘Good Life recovery’ owner Nelly Carrier. "So our nurses are here 24 hours a day to look after them. We also have two private chefs here. Chef Lance and Chef Charles, they cook all their meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner to snacks."

"She went to Jung and she bought a body," is a line in Daylight by Drake in his "For All the Dogs" album that was released in 2023. Drake also made Dr. Jung and his staff custom scrubs.

Netflix is set to begin filming a documentary involving Dr. Jung and his patients soon.

"So we have a Brazilian butt lift documentary coming up," said Dr. Jung. "It is really chronicling the journey of the patients' journey before surgery. Their life before and their life after surgery. That's about as much as I think I can give out. But yeah, I'm excited for it."

Shapewear Land, Aesthetic Lab and Houston Lymphatic Drainage & Hydration are all located at Premiere Surgical Arts and open to non-surgical patients.